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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Moving Forward!

So excited to report that we received a call from our lawyer last week! She told us that the investigation of the legal department at CONANI (the government adoption agency) was complete concerning the girls birth certificates! When we met with Sara (second lady in charge at CONANI), she told us the process of filing for abandonment birth certificates would take 3-6 months...well 6 months it has. Sonia ( the lady running the orphanage where the girls live), has not been as cooperative with CONANI officials as we hoped she would. Unfortunately, she is just not supportive of us trying to adopt the girls for reasons really unknown to us. We have speculated why she would be hesitant but really don't know and cannot understand her thinking but we continue to pray the God will open her eyes & heart so that she will do what is best in the interest of the 160+ children God has put in her care! We have been fighting an uphill battle for 18 month now in all respects- no children have ever been adopted from this orphanage- no children over 8 have ever been adopted out of the DR ever and we are per-identifying children which is technically against the DR law.... So we are in unchartered territory for the Government & the orphanage...this is why getting this far in the process is MIRACULOUS!!!

Now... We wait for the judge to sign off on the birth certificates & then papers will move to the adoption agency & we can proceed in the final stages. The DR adoption agency will most likely interview the girls to have their consent they want to be adopted & compile paperwork and then submit papers to the committee that will approve or disapprove the adoption. As we all know God will have the final say and our goal was to say we did everything we could to make this happen and God's will for our family would be:)

We are so thankful for your prayers and truly Believe whatever happens will be exactly what is best for these precious girls and our family!! I will continue to update you as we receive word on the process!!!