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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Kyle News Flash...2017

Hello friends!! Well...the Kyle's have some news!!!! 
Hold on to your seats!!! 
We are proud and happy to announce that GianCarlo Valdez is coming to live with our family this year! GianCarlo is the son of our dear friends Giovanny and Carolina Valdez. Giovanny and Carolina are full time missionaries in the Dominican Republic with SCORE International. 
     We have been in relationship with this precious family for many years. Giovanny was saved while Tommy was on a mission trip with SCORE International to the Dominican Republic over 20 years ago. Tommy and Giovanny have remained close friends since that time. They were both discipled and mentored by Ron Bishop (Founder of SCORE International). The bond the 3 of these men shared was special! I am so grateful for the vision of Ron Bishop and SCORE (30 + years ago) ...this ministry and Ron has played such a role of putting us where God needed us to meet our girls in their orphanage....and birthing the relationships with so many from the Dominican rooted in Christ and so much more!!! 
Giovanny became a full time missionary with SCORE International 15 years ago and has served us as we have been a part of many mission trips over the last 13 years.  Giovanny and his wife Carolina faithfully walked with us during our 3 year process of adopting our 2 girls from the Dominican Republic, and allowed our girls to live with them until their adoption was final. There are no words to describe what a BLESSING this was for us and our girls. 

GianCarlo, has a passion/desire to come to the United States to attend school and to get a college education. We are happy to be a part of God's plan for him to come and follow his dreams in the USA! 
The plan right now is for him to come for the next 3 school years and to live with our family.
We are excited for all of our friends to get to know this precious boy and for him to be a part of our family and experience all God has for him while he is here. We are honored and humbled that Giovanny and Carolina would entrust him to us!!! 

We do covet your prayers for GianCarlo, Giovanny and Carolina and our family as we all trust God and His provision and plan for this part of our journeys!! 
We know if Ron Bishop was here today he would be our biggest cheerleader in this and we are so thankful for his influence and legacy of teaching us how love people, follow Christ and know with God all things are possible!!!! 

“Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.”
Ephesians 3:20-21 ESV

Much Love to all of you!!

Tommy and Heather

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A New Season….

Well… I continue to be good at blogging once a year…LOL! I guess I feel like if I'm going to share, I might as well do it all in one Whack!

First let me say…I know most people keep up with Facebook and I tend to post our most entertaining moments and happenings there BUT I must say if I posted our not so entertaining moments there you would all think a lot differently about us…LOL! Facebook is good for just that "Happy faces that make you think we have it all together BUT rest assured we do not!" It is a work in progress around here everyday…. managing arguments, trying to make these "little" people do a chore or 2 so i don't lose my mind, trying to control my temper so I can help them control theirs, pulling teeth to make these people READ because all we want to do is PLAY, hopefully recognizing the little moments here and there that I can point them to JESUS in spite of my bad attitude, being content that the house is a DISASTER most days and trying to thank God for the Mess…. and on and on the list goes….Do you feel me?!? 

We are a normal (well not so normal) family who just survives one day at a time…one minute at a time (By the Grace of God)…I am just trying to keep my head above water most days... praying everyday that God will allow me to remember everything that has fallen through the cracks…. to redeem all of the mistakes I make in this job called "MOM"…. all the while trying to love and support my husband and keep home a good place for him to come home to….(Bless Him)…..without him….I would be extra crazy….He is the glue God has given this family to hold us together. I thank God everyday for this man of mine. 

Ok…here goes our happenings with the Kyle Clan…. 
I feel like we have entered yet another season of a new normal. The summer was great with all the kids being a little older and a little more self sufficient. The hardest part of every summer is what to feed all of these people 3+ times a day!!!! That is a feat in and of itself…BUT I survived!! Whoo hoo! 

We have decided to put Jada at Cedar Ridge in the 7th grade this year. It has truly pained me to have to move her away from the other kids and DHCA but we feel this is the best move for her right now. She needs some extra help with the language barrier and we are excited about what our public school has to offer for her in this regard. She will hopefully be a part of the Decatur City School EXCEL program for ESL students to help them learn the English language better so that they can progress better in the classroom.  Jada was SOO nervous this morning starting at a new place but I know she will be well taken care of and will make many wonderful new friends…She is definitely going to miss her friends at DHCA though. I covet your prayers that the Lord will clear just the right path for her to have some education successes and we can get her caught up to where she needs to be. God continues to remind me its not "MY" plan but "HIS" plan. 
Little Miss Aubree started Kindergarten today and what a happy girl she is that she gets to be in "big" school with her brothers and sisters….This will be the first time in 15 years that I haven't had a child at home with me….I'm READY for this new season!!!! I would be willing to freeze time right about now…these kids are fun and I love them at all of the ages they are…I still feel needed but not too needed (HA)!! I love watching them grow into the persons God has created them to be…each with their own unique personalities! 
Kennedy started 5th grade, Brayden Started Middle School and will be playing football for the first time, Jackson Started High School and Noah and Izzy get to be the Veterans! 
Jackson and Noah will be playing basketball together! 
Miss Izzy is falling into the Kyle Family Tradition of working at Chickfila in Decatur! She is ready to earn her own money and loves it! Many thanks to Barry & Karen Keith for the opportunity! 
Many Many New Starts!!

So many of you are so sweet to pray for us, inquire about us and do so many things big and small along the way to help us in all the ways we need it at JUST THE RIGHT TIME! God blows our minds on a daily basis of how He SEES it all small and big from needs of many shoes, clothing, emotional needs, etc. So many pour into each of our kids in so many different ways and for this I am eternally grateful!! It truly takes a "CITY" to raise 7 kids. 

We continue to be humbled everyday at the 7 souls God has placed in our care to raise in such a way that  Lord willing they will glorify Him all the days of their lives. My greatest prayer and desire for each of them. 
My verse for now that I will share is:
But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest on me.

Till Next time
Much Love~

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Continuing to be molded….

Hello to all!
I see that my last post was September right after the girls arrived….oh my!
As I sit now and think over the last 23 months it is a bit overwhelming! There has been so much learned over these last 2 years I will hardly be able to write it all in a post, but I will try to catch all of you up (that are interested:)) )

First let me say….God is faithful! This has been a running theme in our lives! I know if you read this and you are a Christian…you too know this truth first hand! Even when things hurt or don't go as we expect…He is still FAITHFUL! 
    Another running theme that continues for our family is  "To Remember"…Remember all the turns in our lives where He was present, carried us, prepared us (when we had no idea what was ahead), provided for us and simply Remained by our side when we had no answers. 

So after experiencing His constant help in time of need….here goes our journey over the last 2 years!

Izzy and Jada…let me just say God plucked these precious souls out of an orphanage with purpose! They are awesome! They have come into an overwhelming situation with so much to learn and have truly handled it beautifully! 
   Izzy started in the 8th grade at Decatur Heritage…she did great! She has some the greatest friends who have accepted her whole-heartedly. They love her and she loves them. A teacher at her school "Miss Davis" took her under her wing and poured into her over the last 2 years and we see the hand of God in this relationship! She made all the difference for Izzy to grow and mature as a young woman of God. My greatest delight is that she loves Jesus and has loved studying the Word of God. Izzy decided she wanted to repeat the 8th grade her 2nd year to get a good handle on the academic side and did great! She is so disciplined…gets homework without being asked!!! Whoo hoo!! She is still learning words and silly phrases that I tend to blurt out…it's funny when I try to explain some of the things we say such as "errands", "enjoying the scenery" etc…I forget how much there is for their little brains to process. 
She is now a high-schooler in the 9th grade. She was moved up to the Varsity Volleyball team for this coming year and is doing great! She is quite the athlete. 
God has special plans for this amazing child…we can't wait to see His plan unfold for her!

  Jada started in the 4th grade in class with Brayden at Decatur Heritage. She has done exceptionally well considering her fluency in English was probably only at around 25% when she came here. She jumped in with both feet and has embraced all the learning she has received. She loves to learn which is her greatest asset! Jada has had the most to overcome….language, socially, emotionally but every social worker says she and Izzy are far above where most older adoptive children are in adjustments. Jada's biggest obstacle along with the language is reading. She was not able to read in Spanish or English when she got here. Jada has had many special influences in her life, one in particular, is Kim Schuster. Kim has come into her school over the last year 1/2 and tutored Jada 2 days a week , one on one in reading. She is now at a 2nd grade reading level and I would say her language skills are over 50% comprehension. She has made great progress in this area and in her maturity, and Kim Schuster has had much to do with this! It has been amazing to see God provide for our girls' needs through His (Willing) children in ways that Tommy and I could not have! Kim is an angel to our Jada! 
  Jada now begins the 6th grade and hopes to play basketball & softball this year…Our prayer is to get her to grade level by the 9th grade…so she still has a way to go but we continue to know God will walk with her each step to get her where she needs to be. Jada is a servant at heart, she is a lover of people but has a little bit of a hard time letting her wall down, especially when you first meet her. She  doesn't want to show you her "sweet side" when you first meet her, but when you get to see that sweet side there is none sweeter. She has struggled the most in missing the orphanage and fully receiving all the adoption has provided, but when God allows her to do this, she will move mountains!! 

My other kiddos have been amazing in this process! They have fully accepted and loved these precious girls more than I could have imagined. The Lord has allowed me to see some spiritual fruit in Jackson, Brayden and Kennedy in the Love they have displayed for Izzy and Jada. There have been many struggles but beneath the struggles there is pure love. I pray they will always have this love for others and mostly Jesus as they continue to grow! 
  Jackson starts 8th grade this year, Brayden 6th and Kennedy 4th. Jackson is playing Basketball & Baseball this upcoming year. Brayden will be playing baseball and basketball, Kennedy will play basketball & softball. So you can see our schedule will be Full of Sports:)) (I wouldn't have it any other way!)  

Then there is our Aubree Mae at 4 1/2 years old. This girl is the glue that holds us all together. All of the kids take care of her and love her beyond measure. She is truly the baby girl:) She is so comical, drama filled and expressive. She loves us all and tells us all the time. She has the most amazing Spirit! She has us and our whole community of friends wrapped around her finger. God has great plans for this girl….I'm sure of it!! 

As for Tommy and I we are great! I can honestly say I have never loved my husband more than I do now because of how he has led our family, in particular me, over the last 2 years. I had a very difficult time throughout the first year…the best way I can describe it if you haven't adopted is…the anticipation & excitement of the birth of your child in the 9 months you carry them in your body….it's awesome!  Then the miraculous birthing process when you hold them for the first time, see their beauty and feel love like you have never known. 
   THEN….you come home to something no one can prepare you for…sleepless nights, crying, frustration, feelings of inadequacy, exhaustion, fear & anxiety, etc. You then figure out your way of adjusting, finding your new normal, praying…praying & praying some more!!!!! In this process you realize God is REFINING you! He is showing just how selfish you are, how you respond when things are going how you expected them to go, how you are not trusting His Sovereign plan as you should and so much more. Fear and Anxiety had my number for the first year into this journey. I have learned a lot about ungodly fear ( keeping you from trusting God's plan for the "unknown's" in your life) and anxiety that over takes you to a point where you can't think straight. I have learned through this very difficult season that TRUST is key in your walk with Christ. We don't have to have tomorrow figured out…We simply must live in TODAY…God's grace and strength is sufficient for us for TODAY! It is one step at a time, one day at a time. Through Panic attacks and paralyzing moments of fear and feelings of inadequacy for the path God has me on… I have grown and He has carried me through…giving me a renewed hunger for my relationship with Him and a desire to share transparently with others what He has revealed to me!
   I know the Facebook photos and posts look all too good sometimes…and because of the grace of God it is good... but it is not without struggles!! 

So… as I wrap up…the title of this post "Continuing to be molded" is where we seem to stay in our family! LOL! We have welcomed in our newest Kyle member…Noah Boler. He came to live with us the first week of May. Noah comes from a difficult family background. His mom lives in Decatur in the projects and has had a difficult time providing for him. Last year he came to our school through a tuition assistance program and was an 8th grader. He was blessed to live with a family from our school for the year and needed to make a transition at the end of the school year. He needed a place to stay until God opened up a permanent living situation for him. 
  He played AAU ball for Tommy this Spring (where God started to grow our relationship with him)  and was able to play with Jackson. He is 6'3 and wears a size 15 shoe!!! He hasn't even hit puberty yet!!!  He is a precious boy…. I see that God has great plans for this young man. God provided Noah a mentor (Marjorie Smith) at the age of 8 years old through the boys and girls club in town. Miss Marjorie has blessed him beyond words since then... taken him to church every Sunday, she has taught him to love the Lord, taught him right from wrong, amazing manners and so much more! God hasn't brought forth a permanent situation for him as of now. We continue to pray what God would have us do as we walk this out. He has become part of our family in a very short time. He keeps us laughing and has just jumped right into our crazy without skipping a beat. We covet your prayers for Noah and for us as we are praying God's best for Noah and His will for us! Will keep you updated!

Thank you for reading my book today….God continues to amaze us at the family and friendswe have and just how blessed we are to have you all in our lives! May you all keep walking out God's call on your life and may you continue to experience His abundant blessings!! 

Much Love, 

"But now, O Lord, you are our Father; we are the clay, and you are our Potter; we are all the work of your hand. "
Isaiah 64:8

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Settling In....

Well....3 weeks ago a new way of life began....a new normal for the Kyle Family. So many have asked how things are going and in short conversations there is no way to communicate all the details that you might want to know, so I will continue to blog as often as I can to keep you all updated on the girls and their adjustment to this BIG NEW WORLD:) Thank you all for your concern, care and love for us and for wanting to be a part of our lives! It is such a blessing to us!!

The girls overall have done exceptional!! The first week we just tried to lay low- give the girls time to adjust to their new home & rooms. They love their room and they love being at home. We were blessed with some wonderful meals that week from friends-Huge blessing! Right now one of the biggest challenges for me is feeding them all- figuring out what everyone likes...the girls were able to try Taco Bell, Chickfila & Zaxby's the first week. It is really funny to watch them try "new things"....their reactions are priceless!  They liked soft and hard tacos, Jada ate 14 chick-fil-a nuggets & Izzy ate 10 (yes they you could say they loved them!lol) and they ate quite a few chicken fingers from Zaxby's:) Izzy starts cheering when we pass Zaxby's now! So as of now- chicken is the winner for everyone!

The biggest adjustment for the first couple of weeks has been unfamiliar surroundings when we are out and meeting a lot of new faces. They were quite overwhelmed by the amount of precious people who knew them and loved on them verbally. Jada was most skiddish with this but is doing much better. They are both very quiet & shy when you first meet them...BUT do not be confused...they are not QUIET!!!LOL! Jada for sure is the life of the party! She is quite the little comedian between her funny expressions and when she is trying to communicate but not real sure of what she needs to say. She keeps us laughing often! Izzy is coming out of her little quiet, reserved shell day by day. She is smart and keeps me on my toes....Tommy calls her "La Hefa" which means "boss or teacher"....she keeps Jada and all of us in line!

The first weekend we were home we went to the lake. That was one of the 1st things my kiddos here wanted the girls to experience. On the way, Izzy asked "mama, what is a lake?". She is used to seeing the ocean but not a lake:) We are blessed to have wonderful friends who so graciously share their lake home with us! The lake is the "One" thing we ALL love....I love the memories it creates for us as a family! The girls loved it all...they had a blast on the inner tube and boat and it was so fun to watch them all play together! I am still amazed at how God can knit a family together so sweetly when only in each other's presence for such a short time.

The second week.... the girls were able to start shadowing at school. This is where they just walk through the schedules of the classes they will most likely be in and just acclamate to the environment, people & schedule. As of now...Izzy will be in the 8th grade and Jada will be in the 4th. Hope, my niece is in the 8th and Jada & Brayden will be together. The girls have absolutely LOVED school- Praise the Lord!! They are so eager to learn and have loved all of the sweet kids at DHCA. As of now they will attend Decatur Heritage....there are so many unknowns that we will have to figure out along the way- but we have come up with a tentative schedule for both of the girls to, Lord willing, get them on track and caught up to where they need to be. It will be a process but I am very encouraged with their progress so far! The teachers and administration have been so helpful.

 We are in process of trying to get the girl's birth certificates amended.... Their birth certificates state that Izzy is 15 ( turning 16 in February)...Jada 13 (turning 14 in December)....we have known that these were not correct but we could not fight this in the DR or it would have taken even longer to complete the adoption. We have had bone scans of their hands done, dental x-rays and physicals to get professional opinions of their ages and all concurred that Jada is most likely 10 (turning 11 in Dec.) and Izzy is 14 (turning 15 in Feb.). We are in process now of finding a court to submit our documents so that a judge can rule on this matter. We covet your prayers on this matter! This will be a great blessing for the girl's ages to concur with the grades they will be in & to have accurate documents for the future.

Izzy is for the most part fluent in speaking English and reading. She is so smart. She is so diligent in her work. Jada's english is coming along...a little better each week. She is working really hard to learn her letters, sounds and to read. We have a precious friend who is coming 2 days a week to tutor them after school as a support and We are truly BLESSED by this !!! The girls love her and are doing great!

This last week has been good...Work is kicking up a notch for Tommy so I am trying to prepare for his absence coming up. I can truly say...I cannot do this....(parent 6 children) apart from the Lord's help and without Tommy Kyle. I am shown daily just how inadequate I am and how much I need the Lord's help and Tommy by my side. Tommy is amazing to me in so many ways....He is so unselfish and almost kills himself trying to take care of all of us....especially me! I have had a bit of a hard adjustment over these last 3 weeks...its been a "good hard" but hard, but I know the Lord is with us and I have to focus in on one day at a time....when I start to think forward anxiety rears it's ugly head and then I have to take my thoughts captive to what I KNOW....God is faithful, He is sovereign and if He calls you to it He will empower you to do it!! Praise God for this!

 I do now see "Fully" the benefit of spending the 6 weeks in the DR with the whole family. The family bonding that took place has made this transition much easier than it would have been if we had not spent that time together. It truly would have been overwhelming for the girls to adjust to the family AND the culture. At least they knew we were crazy BEFORE they got here- LOL!! We also knew their little quirks as well:)) So again I say...God knows what He is doing and has walked us through each step. There are so many more things I could say and I will but this is way to much information already!! Thank you all for your texts, prayers, gifts and love to and for us. We are sustained by the Lord and the people He has placed in our lives that we get to call our friends!

"Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he WILL flee from you. Draw near to God, and He WILL draw near to you."             -James 4:7-8

Much Love

Friday, September 6, 2013

ADOPTION COMPLETE....We are headed home!!

I'm almost too excited to type right now. It is with GREAT JOY that I can report to all of you that our Adoption is officially complete as of today and we will be flying home with our girls Tomorrow!!!

Tommy left to come to the DR, Sunday August 25. Our 30 day appeal wait was over on August 26, so he hit the ground running with girls, our lawyer and Giovanny Valdez that day. It has not been an easy 2 weeks...They have sat in offices day after day....waited as long as 3 hours at times to receive letters, new birth certificates, passports, medical exams and FINALLY Visa's today. They have gotten up almost every morning around 6 am and headed out to return in the late afternoon. The girls have been troopers through all of this! I stayed home with our 4 other kids during these 2 weeks so that we would not have to leave them for long without both of us. This has been an emotional journey for all of us with lots of changes and so we wanted to keep them as settled as possible until we reached the end. I flew out yesterday and got here at 1:00....the girls had just finished their medical exams and we were told to come back to the US Embassy at 7 am this morning to finish Visa's. So we were in line at 6:30 am this took about 40 min to get inside....all was finally complete around 9:30am. Words just cannot describe the JOY we felt when they handed us those papers. It was a wonderful as a birth delivery...(especially from a no-pain perspective-LOL).

The girls are so excited and I think in a little bit of shock that this is actually happening. It has been a long 3 years of waiting in expectation for them and us. They have proven to be such strong girls and I am so proud of them for how they have handled every single trial they have faced during this time. I am honored that the Lord has chosen Tommy and I to be their parents! I know God has great things for them and has given them a testimony that will proclaim His glory and faithfulness for the rest of their lives to all those they come in contact with. I pray they will be vessels used by the Lord for all of their days on this earth.

We are due to arrive Saturday night At Huntsville Airport at 7:12pm. We would love for anyone who would like to come and greet them into the USA to come! We would also love it for everyone who has one of our adoption "Simply Love" shirts to wear them!! I cannot wait for the girls to just see all of those who have so faithfully prayed for them over the last 3 years. It is still overwhelming to me!!! Our family has been so blessed and encouraged by the support, prayers, love and financial support that we have received. It is far beyond my comprehension!

To God be the Glory....Great things HE HATH DONE!!

This Jesus calling sums up our journey for the last 3 years...

Leave outcomes up to ME. Follow Me wherever I lead, without worrying about how it will all turn out. Think of your life as an adventure, with Me as your Guide and Companion. Live in the now, concentrating on staying in step with Me. When our path leads to a cliff, be willing to climb it with My help. When we come to a resting place, take time to be refreshed in My Presence. Enjoy the rhythm of life lived close to Me.

You already know the ultimate destination of your journey: your entrance into heaven. So keep your focus on the path just before you, leaving outcomes up to ME.

I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.
-Psalm 27:13-14

"In your unfailing love you will lead the people you have redeemed. In your strength you will guide them to your holy dwelling."
-Exodaus 15:13

Much Love sent to all of you....
Tommy and Heather

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Closer to the Finish Line...

Hello to all! I wanted to update everyone on our adoption status...It has been a whirlwind since we have returned home...the kids have enjoyed the last half of summer at home:) Jackson, Brayden and Kennedy started school this week so summer is now officially over but we are excited about the new school year.

We received our official ruling from the Dominican Court on July 26. This was about 2 weeks later than we originally hoped. The 30 day appeal started that day so it is up on August 26. The separation from the girls has been very difficult for all of us. Although they have been loved and well taken care of, it has been very emotional for them and us. So, with the 2 week delay we decided that I would go visit the girls for a week last week. My sister in law Heather (Tommy's sister) went with me. We left August 5 and returned August 10. We had a great week together!! Of course the goodbye at the end is ALWAYS so painful but we continue to know God is bringing us closer to the finish line so we are all trying to focus on that!!

So the next steps are...Tommy will return to the DR on August 25, so that as soon as the 30 day appeal is up he and our lawyer will go to work on getting papers to file for new birth certificates, passports and finally VISA's. So we covet your prayers that the Lord will move these processes on speedily!! Tommy set his return date for September 13...we are praying all will be complete by this date. I am planning to fly back to the DR around September 7 to be there for the final steps and then Lord willing we will all fly home together on September 13!!

So, our specific prayer requests would be:

*That all documents would move as quickly as possible in the DR for the final stage and that we may depart from the DR on September 13:))
*That the Lord will sustain me and my kiddos here in Tommy's absence for the 3 weeks he will be gone...
*That God would allow the girls to feel good about all that is taking place and prepare their sweet hearts for all that is before them in coming to the US!
*Lastly, that God will continue to sustain us financially with final costs!

Once again...THANK YOU for praying for our family and all of our children through this process...I can't wait for you all to meet the 2 that will complete the Kyle family!!

"For nothing is impossible with God."
-Luke 1:37

Much Love!!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Heading Home.....

Thank you all for your prayers for our family over the last 3 years and especially the last 42 days. We survived life in the Dominican with 6 kids for 42 days straight.... living in a very different culture and it was very good:) The kids did better than me in a lot of moments-LOL!! This was a blessing of time to bond as a family and it will forever be a wonderful memory for all of us. I do think my kids are going to miss it here. I am going to miss drinking the fresh fruit punches that we are all now addicted to:)) If I could only figure out how to bring it home with us:)) I will also miss the extraordinary view of the amazing ocean as we ride down the road and the beautiful palm trees:) There is such natural God made beauty in this country:) And last but not least I am going to miss our friends that are soo special to us here....what a blessing God has given us in the friendships we have here:))

Tonight was very difficult as we had to say goodbye to our sweet daughters for a short time. Prayers were answered tonight because, although we all cried and my heart hurt deeply....I feel like we all handled it pretty well. It is comforting for us to know that our babies are in good hands with Giovanny and Carolina:) They will be well taken care of and loved much in our absence. We will now be counting down the days until Tommy and I come back so that we can bring them home FOR GOOD!! OH what a feeling of JOY that will be!!!

We are in the midst of packing up, what feels like a house, once again to return to our home in the USA!! I have missed my family, friends and yes MY HOME!! Oh to sleep in my bed:))) I look forward to seeing my baby, Brayden, play some baseball when we to the baseball field Monday night we will go! Back to the real world-HA!

I will continue to update as we begin to prepare to return to the DR and get closer to the date of bringing the girls home. So blessings to all of you and your precious God-given families!!

I wanted to share just another gift of God's faithfulness with you...below are the very 1st pictures of our girls when we first met them and a current one...It is still so hard to believe we have been able to watch them grow over the years and love them more and more each time we were able to be with them....soon they will forever be a part of our family:) Thank you Lord for answering our prayers:)

Praising God for His Plan for these 2 precious souls.....Goodnight:)     Heather

The first time we met Izzy... She is with George Lemonakis (one of Tommy's former players)
She is on the right:)

                                           The first time we met Jada...she is with my dad:)

                                                           Our Family....Complete:))