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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 8 in the DR...

Well... we have been here for 1 week.  It has been very good for the most part! The kids have done better than I would have ever dreamed...I hope it will last for another 36 days~lol! Aubree has finally settled in and is sleeping much better! The house we are in has been really good and everything is working great now! Mr. Soto, the owner, has been more than gracious and has met our every need. I love how the Lord continues to cross our paths with such amazing people that live in what seems like a world away! Mr. Soto has BLESSED our family!!

We do not have a car all of the time which has been a little challenging....of course we don't have that many places to go but it does give you a feeling of being trapped some. I am adjusting to you all know we are on the go all of the time and this is Way out of our normal routine~ ha! Mr. Soto is working on getting us a golf cart and this will be most helpful!! We can use the golf cart to go down to the hotel where the kids can swim! It is about a mile 1/2 one way. We have enjoyed walking and the kids have enjoyed bike riding to the hotel so far~except for the HEAT:)) SCORE has so graciously loaned us a car or van when we have needed to go into the capital. We are SO BLESSED by the ministry of SCORE here. The missionaries here are most Wonderful and loving and really feel the gap of missing my family & friends at home:)) After all...SCORE is the reason we came to the DR in the beginning and had the opportunity to meet our baby girls here!

Izzy & Jada have been great! They are settling in really well:) It has been fun to watch my kids be so happy to have them with us! We have played lots of dominos! All the kids LOVE to play Dominos! We were able to get both girls an I-pod to bring them and they LOVE them! They love listening to music, and Izzy is enjoying Facebook and connecting with her best buds at the orphanage. Jada has every shirt and gift we have given them, she showed us her photo book that I made for her 5 years ago. Izzy got out her bible I gave her about 3 years ago. I am so humbled by the way they have held on and loved us from afar as much as we have loved them. It's such an indescribable feeling:))  I am praying for 5 more weeks of awesome bonding time as a family and am so incredibly thankful to the Lord for providing for us and blessing us beyond our wildest dreams!

I will have to admit, I am a little homesick at the moment. I am thankful to be able to use our magic jack phone to call my parents and am thankful for Face-time!! I missing all of my family and precious friends!!  If you are a verizon I-phone user I can text & we can face-time with you so text or face-time  me anyone~ please:)) Love you all!!



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