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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dominican Here We Come...

I am excited to let all of you know... that our Tickets have been booked and we are headed to the Dominican May 17th to start our 30 day co-habitation period!! We will return, Lord Willing, June 30.  I still cannot believe this has FINALLY COME!!!

God has proven He knows the perfect time...this will workout to be a very good time for our family as a whole to travel. Thankfully no school to accomplish, except some reading while we are there and this is a good time for Tommy to travel, ministry wise, as well. We are all experiencing a wide range of emotions. We are SO EXCITED about getting to see the girls' faces when we get there to pick them up! I can't wait for this moment!! But as any trip requires....Preparation to be gone this amount of time for a family of 8 has been quite overwhelming !! I am just praying to have enough sanity to just get on the plane in one week. My kids have been remarkable about all of this and I think they are very excited. I on the other hand have been quite the emotional wreck over the last few weeks, BUT God has been so good to me and given me a precious mother who has done more laundry for me in the last few weeks than she has probably done in 10 years-LOL! Friends who have come to help me move beds, paint and just encourage me that God is in control and He will walk us through all of this! We have been so incredibly blessed throughout this entire process... I cannot even put it into words.

So here are the details about what is to come as far as we know right now. The girls will stay with us for the 30 day co-habitation. Throughout these weeks, we have a few meetings with social workers so they can make sure we are all adjusting well together, at the end of the 30 days we will have a final court hearing which will finalize the adoption. Then Unfortunately, the girls will have to stay in the DR for another 45-60 days because they have to allow for a 30 day appeal period and all of their final documents have to be processed. (New birth certificates with their new names, and VISAS so they can enter the US.) FORTUNATELY, Giovanni and Carolina Valdez have offered to allow the girls to live with their precious family until all papers complete. We will all travel home on June 30, there is a possibility Tommy will have to stay a little longer to make sure they are getting their papers pushed through as quickly as possible!! When all is complete then Tommy and I will fly back over to the DR and BRING THE GIRLS HOME!!!!

Soo, we covet your prayers over our family as we embark on a very different way of life for 45 days- please pray that God will use this precious time to bond our family unit and grow our faith in a big way! Our specific prayer requests would be:
*That we would all stay healthy during our stay
*For a smooth transition for the girls and their emotional state
*For the emotional state of all the kiddos-that they will adjust to the culture well during this period
*That God would provide for all our financial needs while we are there-we know He will!
*Wisdom for Tommy and I as we lead our children in this process of Change

I will blog frequently while we are in the Dominican-keeping you all updated on the "Reality Show" that is taking place with the Crazy Kyle's!! There are sure to be some Big Laughs along the way!

Thank you all for your love and care for our family! I look forward to my girls getting to meet all the ones who have prayed so fervently on their behalf! You have all made an eternal investment in their lives! We are forever grateful!! God Bless all of you and your precious families! We love you!


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  1. Hello,
    You don't know me, but I found your blog through a google search on adoption from the Dominican Republic. You see, my husband and I are in the home study stage of hopefully adopting a sibling group from the DR as well. I completely understand if you never respond - I realize it is weird for a stranger to be contacting you. However, if you are willing to respond we would be incredibly grateful. We have yet to find anyone else who has adopted from the DR and we would love your insight and to hear how the whole process goes for you. My email address is:
    God Bless your family,